Tennis and Pickle ball

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   Call Bill Raabe or Tom Zeck for information

Is pickleball played by singles?

Yes; however, 90% of the players play only doubles

What is the sequence of the serve?

The server will alternate between right and left service courts upon scoring a         point. After the first server’s team faults, the second server will continue to         serve from that server’s last side position and then alternate positions as long         as the serving team continues to win points.          

Where do people play pickelball?

In the Jupiter area, most of the pickleball is played under the direction of the         Recreation Departments.  Courts are usually located in the city gyms.  Jupiter         and Palm Beach Gardens have 12 month programs available to residents.

What are the ages of people playing pickleball?  

         Over 70% of the countrywide players are over the age of 60.  However,          Pickleball was designed as a family game to be played by all ages.

How did Pickleball get it’s name?

  A dog named pickles would chase the ball and return it to the players.  The           players started calling the game Pickleball.

stretch and be safe.

Stop play when a Pickleball goes into your court.

Bring a friend or family member to play.  

Have fun!


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