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GOTO Online Scheduling

Online Volunteer Ranger Scheduling

Instructions for Online Ranger Scheduling: Below is a step by step description which will guide you through the scheduling process. It will help if you can make a copy of these instructions to help in using this approach. If you don’t have a printer, copies of the Instructions will be available in the Pro Shop.

1. Go to the Riverbend website: or Google Riverbend Golf Club Tequesta fl.  Either way, when the site opens add it to Favorites to simplify future access.

2. At the top of the home page click on Golf and scroll down to Pro Shop

3. On the left side of the Pro Shop screen, scroll down to Ranger Scheduling

4. Click on Ranger Scheduling and a calendar comes up.

5. You will be directed to another website showing the calendar for the current month.

6. Look for an open date when you can volunteer to ranger and click anywhere in the box for that day. A sign up screen will appear.

7. Enter your name in the TITLE box at the top.  

8. Do not fill in the other fields. However, you should plan to get to the cart barn by about 3:30 PM so that you can be out on the course at 3:45PM.

9. Once you have added your name click on the SAVE button and you will be taken back to the calendar.

10. Now while you have the calendar open, why not select one or more additional dates when you can volunteer to ranger in the current month or the next month.  Use the arrow keys above the days to navigate to other months.  Just follow the scheduling procedure outlined above.

11. If you need to cancel a day you scheduled just click on your name and the sign up screen will open with your name on it.  Click on DELETE and you will be taken back to the calendar with your name removed.

Note: If you want to add the scheduling calendar to your smart phone, pad or browser just enter this url code and create a bookmark.


Even if you are not a computer geek, working through the process will convince you that this approach is very easy to use. That’s it, Call Peter Gillespie at 743-9166, if you have any questions or suggestions for improved use.