Duties & Responsibilities

A few years ago, as a cost saving measure, the Golf Club Board decided to have the golf members take over the evening Ranger responsibilities. This approach has worked very well and it will not be a hardship if more of our golf members choose to assist in this program. This request goes out to all golf members female as well as male. All are welcome to participate.

The Rangers primary responsibility is to insure that the Walking Privileges (set out in Section 4 of the Riverbend Golf Club Rules) are being obeyed. Consequently, Rangers need to:

1. Insure that players do not begin to walk the course until 4:00 PM.

2. Insure that all players leave the Golf Practice Range at 4:00 PM (As detailed in Section 5) until all range balls have been recovered. After the recovery of range balls has been completed the range is open to members using their own golf balls. These users must pick up all of their practice balls prior to departing.

3. Very courteously ask each player to show you their Walking Pass

4. If they do not have a Walking Pass please fill out a Daily Guest Walking Pass which will generate an $8.00 charge to the member. (The walking passes are kept in a Blue File Box which is picked up in the cart barn and placed in the Ranger Cart when you start out.)

a. Date the Top Half of the guest walking pass and give it to the member

b. Fill out the bottom half and have the member sign it. Turn this portion of     the Pass into the Pro Shop.

5. Guests must be accompanied by a member. If they did not pay the $8.00 guest fee prior to beginning play please fill out the Daily Guest Walking Pass as described in #4 above.

6. As set our in Section 3.6 of the Golf Club Rules, walkers are required to carry sand to fill divots.  A tennis ball can works well for this purpose and are available at the cart barn. Sand storage containers are located at both ends of the practice range and at the tees at holes 6 and 17. Rangers are requested to assist walkers in implementing this important requirement.

7. Explain that ONLY ONE Ball per Shot per Player is allowed to minimize abuse to the course.

8. Require that walkers allow players in electric carts to play through to speed play

9. It would be appreciated if the Rangers would bring a golf club with them to carefully hit any stray practice balls on holes #8 and #11 back on to the Driving Range to assist in the golf ball recovery process on the driving range. (This is a suggestion, not a requirement.)

10. Any significant Rule infringements should be noted on the Ranger Report Form in the Blue Ranger File Box.

11. This looks like a lot of work but in reality having a Ranger presence on the course is the major element in insuring that our walking privileges are not abused.

If you have any questions or would like to be added to the Ranger list please call Peter Gillespie at 743-9166. For those who wish to consider volunteering, I will be happy to ride with you on a trial outing to assist you in getting comfortable with these responsibilities.

Peter Gillespie

Manager of the Ranger Program