BOD Meeting Dates

Riverbend Board Meetings

There are two Boards of Directors that govern life in Riverbend.  One is the Riverbend Golf Club  and the other is the Riverbend Condominium Association .  The Golf BOD meets once a month seasonally and the Condo BOD meets twice a month seasonally with an agenda meeting on Monday and a business meeting on Thursday.

The agenda meeting is where residents and board members can discuss and place items on the agenda for the business meeting.  Only those items on the agenda will be open for discussion and acted upon at the business meeting.  

If a resident has an item they want to discuss with the Condo BOD or acted upon it MUST be presented at the agenda meeting.  Attendance at both meetings is a must if you want to stay up with current situations.

Golf BOD meetings are held at the Administration office at 4:00 PM and the Condo BOD meetings are held at the club house.  Agenda at 4:30 and BOD at 4:00 PM.

Every attempt is made to hold the meetings on a regular schedule through out the year.  However, circumstances may dictate moving a meeting to another date or time and special meetings may be called when necessary.

Notices for the meeting are posted at the mail boxes and on Channel 63 which is available on online, Also, every attempt will be made to update all members via email and this web site.  A minimum of three days notice is required before the meetings.

The mail box postings and Channel 63 will have the latest information so be sure to check them for any updates. Note: Channel 63 is also available on this website.