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New Comcast Bulk Cable Agreement

By now many of you are aware that we have signed a new contract with Comcast to continue our bulk cable TV service. The agreement will not result in increased fees other than the standard escalation clause as in the previous agreement. Further we will all receive High Definition (HD) programming that at present is an additional cost of $9.95 per month if you order HD.  The agreement also includes three (3) outlets with two (2) HD receivers and one (1) standard definition (SD) digital adaptor (small box). Extra outlets will be at your individual cost.

This contract will not take effect until February 1st then at that time every account will begin to be audited and the billing will be adjusted to reflect the new contract. For example, if you are currently paying for HD then your bill will be lowered by $9.95, which is the amount we pay now as an extra. Please be patient as it may take several billing cycles for the audited and corrected rates to be reflected so keep paying the bill until the audit catches up with you and at that time you will be credited with any overage you paid. As in the past, any extras you have over and above the contract will be billed to you directly.

Currently we were given three (3) SD boxes as part of the contract. The new contract gives us two (2) HD boxes and one (1) SD box. If you have upgraded to HD on one TV then you can exchange one SD box for an HD box to use with a second HD TV. If you only have SD boxes and SD TV’s, you can still exchange boxes since it will give you additional (free) programming on channels not available on the SD box. Please note that this will not give you HD unless you have an HD TV to view it on. Be aware if you change out your equipment prior to the new contract date then you are paying all the fees under the existing contract.

There are three ways to change out your equipment. You can take it to a Comcast store, have it mailed to you or have a technician come out to install it and remove the old one. If you take it to the store they will exchange it free of charge but you will need to install it. If it is mailed to you the shipping fee will be $29.95 but there will not be a charge to ship the old units back. You will still need to install it yourself. If you have a technician come out he will exchange the unit, install it and set up the remote programming if necessary for a fee of $60.00. If you choose to install the boxes yourself I have added links with video’s and instructions on our website.  Go to and under the ‘Condos” drop down box go to “Minutes & Info”.  It will also be available on the Announcements page for a short while.

Comcast will also be assessing and upgrading our cable infrastructures so we will have the necessary amount of signal (bandwidth) to take advantage of all their services including faster Internet speeds. To meet this new standard some or all the cable outlets in your unit may need to be upgraded unless the signal is sufficient to meet their requirements. This will be done for us at no cost. They will upgrade three (3) outlets or drops as they call them but if you want any additional drops then you may be billed separately for the extras.

This one time effort by Comcast will require some effort on your part. It will be necessary to have all the wall outlets accessible for the installers. They will not move any furniture so be sure your couches, wall units and other items are moved out of the way. Furthermore they will not enter your unit unless you or a responsible person is present. We are currently exploring options to help those residents who will not be here during the time of the install such as having some of our staff available. The dates for this process will be announced as soon as they have been determined.

We also have a Comcast Community Account Representative assigned to our property.  We have set up two community meetings where our Representative, Lauren Fischback, will be available to brief us on just what Comcast is doing and how to use the equipment along with their apps. The meetings will be on January 18th and on February 25th from 2PM to 4PM at the clubhouse. Please mark these

dates on your calendar and plan to attend one of them. Hopefully most of your questions, if not

all, will be answered at these meetings.

John Pinter